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The pro-abortion media even recognizes that the pro-lifers are winning. Here is what they report:

"... in some places it is almost as difficult to get an abortion today as it was before Roe vs. Wade ... the latest trends suggest that, in the future, women who want an abortion may have to travel further, pay more, and wait longer to get one."

- ABC World News Tonight

"... Women are finding fewer facilities and fewer physicians willing and able to provide such [abortion] services."

- The Wall Street Journal

"...according to abortion researchers, the number of doctors willing to perform abortions has declined steadily."

- St. Petersburg Times

"The biggest obstacle to women seeking abortions today is not a line of protesters on a clinic sidewalk. It is finding a doctor ... despite the fact that most physicians say they support abortion rights, many are unwilling to live with the professional and social stigma that comes with performing abortions."

- The Spokesman Review

"finding doctors and clinics that will perform the procedure still can be a challenge ... access is so limited that abortions still feel forbidden."

- USA Today

"access to abortion services has become increasingly limited ..."

- Family Medicine

"Access to abortion services in the United States continues to decline. It does so not because of significant changes in legislation or court rulings but because fewer and fewer physicians wish to perform abortions ..."

- Journal of Medical Ethics

"...the availability of abortions is diminishing because fewer doctors are willing to perform the procedure."

- The Washington Post

"Clinics cannot find doctors to do abortions. One clinic sent out over 2,000 letters without getting any response."

- Revolutionary Worker

"Those who run abortion clinics, even in large cities, say that recruiting doctors is now their most serious problem."

- San Francisco Chronicle

"... workers at many abortion clinics nationwide are engaged in lengthy, often fruitless searches for doctors to start abortion services or to replace doctors who have moved or retired."

- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Abortion is a matter of choice in this country not only for women but for physicians as well. All over the country, most physicians are choosing not to do it…"

- American Medical News

"The greatest casualty of the ideological war over abortions may very well be a trained and neutral corps of doctors to perform them."

- Mademoiselle

"Many of the physicians who teach abortion in training programs or perform abortions in clinics are now nearing retirement."

- Family Planning Perspectives

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