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A Strategy for Victory
If you haven't read ACCESS - The Key to Pro-Life Victory, then call (800) 800-LIFE to get your free copy. After you've read ACCESS, you will know the following things are true: And now Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics nationwide have to worry about facing criminal charges thanks to our Child Predator investigation. We proved that the majority of family planning clinics are violating the law by regularly covering up statutory rape and child abuse. Stopping the income from this despicable practice would severely impact the cash flow of abortion clinics, so Life Dynamics created the Eyewitness campaign to get pro-lifers working with law enforcement to stop these crimes.

If you want Life Dynamics to continue leading the prolife fight, then your move is as easy as A, B, C.

  1. Help promote Life Dynamics. Tell your friends to call 1-800-800-LIFE to get a free copy of ACCESS and, even more important, be sure to e-mail our home page to your friends.
  2. Get the NEW LifeTalk! By subscribing to LifeTalk, you will be armed with the prolife truth, which is something that is sadly missing in reports from 'the big media pro-choice spin machine.' LifeTalk also makes a great pro-life educational tool. Share it with your Sunday School class, prolife meeting or air it for free on your local cable TV system. (If you have a web site, then please post a 'button' for a free prolife video on your site. For details, click here.)
  3. Stand with us, so that we can continue to fight the prolife battle. To donate using your credit card, please call 1-800-800-LIFE or use our secure server to donate online now. To make a regular monthly electronic gift, check out our Life Associate program. Or, you can mail your check to:
Life Dynamics Incorporated
204 Cardinal Drive
Denton, TX 76209