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Abortion advocates openly admit that the future of abortion is in jeopardy. The reason: death camps are closing and, therefore, access to abortion services is declining. Oddly enough, the abortion industry's problem is choice: women can choose to have abortions, but doctors can choose not to perform them. This dilemma exposes the abortion industry's Achilles heel. People in legitimate medicine don't get involved in abortion because abortionists are known as washouts and losers of medicine.

Changing the legal status of abortion may have kept a lot of abortionists from going to jail, but it did absolutely nothing to change the perception that they are the scum of the medical community. In the real world people who deal in abortion are seen as the whores of medicine. By reinforcing this stigma the prolife movement is saving babies' lives, because without physicians willing to work as abortionists, the death camps can't survive.

Reduced access to abortion services = fewer abortions

The access issue terrifies the abortion industry because they know that it gives pro-lifers a means to stop abortion, even if it remains legal. Access controls the future of abortion in America and our book ACCESS: the Key to Pro-Life Victory shows how pro-lifers can use this issue to win the abortion battle.

Moreover, reduced access to abortion services also reduces the cash flow that supports the abortion industry's political cronies. This will help give pro-life political efforts a legitimate chance for success, which will help thr pro-life movement to achieve the ultimate prolife goal of returning full legal protection to every unborn child - from the moment of conception, and in every circumstance.

In the meantime, Life Dynamics will make life increasingly miserable for the moral degenerates who provide abortion services by attacking their ability to profit off of child abuse and statutory rape. To learn more read our Special Report on Child Predators. Since America's family planning clinics routinely violate the law by helping pedophiles cover-up child sexual exploitation, our Eyewitness campaign and other efforts are being launched to make sure that they are caught and prosecuted for these crimes.