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First Step Petition
In 2001, Life Dynamics launched the First Step Initiative and almost 100,000 signatures were collected in support of this effort. We are leaving the text of this petition on our site so that anyone who wishes can see that:
  1. regarding abortion, there are things that a President can do, if he wishes to do so;
  2. a President, by himself, could begin to exercise leadership on the abortion issue by simply using the power of his executive position;
  3. the President is not required to take a back seat to Congress or the Judiciary on the abortion issue, since he could take immediate action that would move this country in the pro-life direction -- by implementing the two simple ideas laid out in this initiative, for example.

The full text of this concise initiative was as follows:


The First Step Initiative
Dear President Bush,

During your Presidential campaign, you often stated that you wanted to help America embrace a culture of life. Like millions of other Americans, I totally support you in that effort. Toward that end, I am calling on you to immediately appoint a Presidential Blue Ribbon Committee whose sole mission is to provide you with a pragmatic strategy (including an implementation plan) for promptly returning legal protection to every unborn child from the moment of conception. This panel should be made up of attorneys, judges, legal scholars, and public officials who are committed to the pro-life position, as well as selected individuals from the nation's pro-life leadership. As part of this initiative, I am also petitioning you to implement a National Abortion Education Program designed to encourage more Americans to adopt the pro-life position. This campaign should consist of radio, television, and print advertising and be modeled after the government's efforts to eradicate illiteracy, smoking, drug use, violence, and racism.


Consider the ideas in this initiative and then call (800) 800-LIFE to request a free pro-life video and a free book on how pro-lifers can be victorious in the battle over abortion.
We wish to express our gratitude to everyone who took the time to sign this petition and, especially, to those of you who took the time to help us by gathering signatures and promoting this initiative. We also want to thank the following groups for lending their support to this effort:
  • American Life League
  • Campaign for Working Families
  • Concerned Women for America
  • Human Life Alliance
  • Human Life International
  • Life Advocacy Resource Project
  • Life Decisions International
  • Operation Save America
  • Population Research Institute
  • Priests for Life
  • Pro-Life Action League
  • Pro-Life America
  • Republican National Coalition for Life
  • Stop Planned Parenthood International
  • Traditional Values Coalition

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