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The Eyewitness campaign
The "Eyewitness" campaign is a new and exciting pro-life team effort. LDI will be working together with grassroots pro-lifers to help law enforcement catch abortion clinics and 'family planning' outlets that cover up for sexual predators. Our investigation exposed this problem and now the Eyewitness campaign will help pro-lifers put this information to good use.

LDI has prepared a FREE book called Eyewitness for sidewalk counselors, prolife picketers and anyone else who spends time praying in front of an abortion clinic or family planning service. If you would like to receive a free copy of Eyewitness, click here or call 1 (800) 800-LIFE. This book will enable prolife activists to turn the tables on the abortion industry.

There is also a complete Eyewitness kit to equip sidewalk counselors, prayer warriors, prolife activists and anyone else who is interested in protecting children against sexual predators. This kit contains helpful tools and important information that is not included in the free Eyewitness book. Call 1 (800) 800-LIFE or click here for information on ordering the Eyewitness kit.

Our special Eyewitness training video, Incident Report forms and Officer's Guide information cards are included in the Eyewitness kit, along with a copy of the Eyewitness instruction book. Call 1 (800) 800-LIFE to order the kit or any of these items. Click on the product links to learn more or call the Life Dynamics office at 1 (940) 380-8800 if you have any questions about this campaign or any of these products.

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