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The pro-life issue brings together pro-life groups, pro-life activists and sidewalk counselors who reach out to women considering abortion, all in defense of the right to life. At LDI, we use our prolife experience and abortion research to help other pro-life groups and produce unique prolife information, such as the free pro-life books and pro-life resources below.

If you are a pro-life activist or if you're just concerned about the pro-life issue, then please take a few moments to check out the variety of abortion research that this web site offers. Truth is our best weapon in the fight to restore the right to life, so we encourage pro-life organizations and anti-abortion pro-life activists to make use of our abortion research and pro-life information resources to help promote a culture of life in America.

  • ACCESS: A plan for pro-life groups to end legalized abortion. Get it free
  • Pro-life Action Cards: Spread the right to life message. Free sample set
  • Pro-life DVD: Check out LifeTalk pro-life television. Free sample copy
  • LDI Brochure: Learn why our pro-life work gets results. Get it free
  • E-cards Pro-choice vs. pro-life arguments made easy. Send free e-cards
  • Anti-abortion pro-life resources promote right to life
  • Help for abortion-injured women and abortion lawsuits
  • Pro-choice quotes show our plan works against abortion
  • Abortion deaths - meet women killed by botched abortions
  • Learn more about our baby body parts marketing investigation
  • What can a pro-life President do? First Step to end legal abortion
  • Anti abortion pro life books and prolife videos free online, click here