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Our aim is to return legal protection to every unborn child, from the moment of conception and in every circumstance. However, we can stop abortion even if it remains "legal."

The pro-life side can win simply by reducing the access to abortion services. Since abortion is a very marginal decision for most women, the more trouble it is to get an abortion - the less likely it is that women will have them. Every time we reduce access to abortion services, we reduce the abortion rate. This is why the issue of access to abortion is so important to the abortion industry, because they know that access controls the future of abortion in America.

At Life Dynamics, we offer prolife products and services that will help the pro-life side win this battle.

ACCESS - Get a free copy of ACCESS
ACCESS: The Key to Pro-Life Victory is an easy to read 40-page book that explains the access issue and maps out a strategy for pro-life victory. Fighting the access battle enables prolifers to save the lives of women and their unborn children, which reduces the cash flow that sustains the abortion industry.

LIFETALK - Click here for more information on LifeTalk
LifeTalk is the first radio and television talk show dedicated to the pro-life abortion issue. Each month subscribers get this pro-life information on DVD delivered right to their mailbox. This prolife talk show is perfect for viewing with a prolife organization and this weekly half-hour prolife broadcast is free to Christian TV stations or networks.

LIME 5 - Order a copy of Lime 5
The ultimate pro-life book! Every pro-lifer should read Lime 5 to fully understand the prolife battle. This book documents the abuse of women by abortionists and shows how the abortion industry masks the threat of serious injury or death from abortion with lies that make abortion appear to be 'safe.'

AND LOTS MOREā€¦ - Click here for a list of our current products
Use our Pro-Life Action Cards to promote the pro-life cause. The kit gives prolife activists a new way to impact their local abortion clinic. Likewise, the Eyewitness kit provides the training and prolife materials needed to expose the cover-up of child abuse at abortion mills. Moreover, our Abortion Malpractice Program helps women or their survivors to win damage awards in lawsuits against abortionists. And our Direct Mail Program helps educate the public on prolife issues.

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