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Below are links for some of our anti abortion pro-life projects. The facts on abortion reveal that the abortion picture is improving for the pro-life organizations. From helping abortion clinic employees and exposing the statutory rape scam at Planned Parenthood clinics, to uncovering abortion information that exposes the risk of abortion, the facts on abortion methods and the trouble with the partial birth abortion law, our work against abortion is producing results. Click on any item to learn about a pro-life topic or anti-abortion effort.
The American genecide of Blacks is rooted in the racist ideas of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, once the featured speaker at a Ku Klux Klan meeting. Click here for the African American genocide, genecide & black baby killings

The Choice Nazi
This 14-page book documents the parallels between the Hitler's Nazi holocaust and America's abortion holocaust, Planned Parenthood & Margaret Sanger's eugenics. Read about Hitler, Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger & the eugenics movement

Lynching, Klan Parenthood brochure
What's killing the Black community isn't the KKK, but Planned Parenthood. Click here Project
The prolife movement can save babies by helping abortion clinic employees. Learn more.

Life Dynamics Brochure
Why do pro-choice groups fear LDI? They hate pro-life groups that get results. Click here.

Parental Alert
The abortion pro-life battle has a new front and our parental authority abortion research project is collecting facts on abortion clinics that protect child molesters by providing birth control pills and abortion procedures that help them conceal child abuse and statutory rape.

American Abortion Clinic Death Camps
Abortion law (i.e. Roe v. Wade) hasn't changed, but the statistics on abortion clinics prove the pro-life argument is winning. Our list of abortion clinics gives right to life groups solid abortion facts that track prolife progress. This site also explains abortion procedures, the tools for various abortion methods and the history of abortion holocaust. Click here to view

LifeTalk Pro-life Television
This pro-life TV talk show tackles the abortion controversy with pro-life abortion information you can’t get anywhere else - from the partial-birth abortion debate, to facts on abortion risk, Planned Parenthood, birth control pills and much more. Get it here.

Free Report on Planned Parenthood
Abortion law & pro-choice politics vs. child abuse prevention. Planned Parenthood clinics & National Abortion Federation abortion clinics help sexual predators and child molesters conceal crimes against children. Child sex abuse & Planned Parenthood abortion facts, click here.

Fox News reports on Planned Parenthood clinics and the child abuse cover-up
To view this 7 min. clip, click your connection speed: Broadband      Dial-up

Planned Parenthood School Project
School districts risk being sued if they associate with Planned Parenthood or other family planning service providers. Click here for more on the Child Protection Project.

The website
Why would Planned Parenthood clinics protect child molesters? MONEY! Learn how child protection laws are ignored to boost abortion clinic profits.


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