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Attorneys & Abortion injury victims
"... the attorney who shared the [Life Dynamics abortion malpractice] materials with me said, 'If I was an abortion provider I would be scared speechless!'"
Janie Bush, Director
The Choice Foundation, Dallas, TX
National Abortion Federation Annual Meeting
Life Dynamics ABMAL services are free of charge to both attorney and client. We do not financially participate in any settlements or awards stemming from any of these cases.

Our Abortion Malpractice (ABMAL) program provides attorneys with the litigation support services needed to win malpractice cases against abortionists. We have routinely participated in abortion related and medical malpractice case and have researched hundreds more. From identifying the cause of action, to locating expert witnesses, to thoroughly researching the defendants' histories, Life Dynamics has created the tools and services necessary to support attorneys representing abortion injured clients.

If you are an attorney with an abortion-injured client, you should call our office at (940) 380-8800, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central), to find out more about our ABMAL program.

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If you're a woman who has been injured in an abortion or if you're the relative of a woman who died after an abortion, then call us toll-free at 1(800) 401-6494. Our network of abortion injury attorneys covers all fifty states. [In addition, underage girls or their parents should consider pursuing damage claims for aiding and abetting statutory rape in cases where a doctor or clinic failed to comply with mandatory reporting laws, despite knowing that a minor was sexually active. Click here to learn more.]

For the truth about how often women are killed or injured by so-called 'safe' abortions, read Lime 5. This extensively researched book documents the shocking realities about legalized abortion that abortion supporters and the abortion industry don't want you to know.

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