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<i>Fire & Ice</i>, Partial birth abortion + Alan Keyes
Track 1:

Caught On Tape - An Actual
Partial Birth Abortion

If drawings of a partial-birth abortion turn your blood as cold as ice, wait until you hear Martin Haskell, the inventor of partial birth abortion, narrate a film of an actual late term abortion.

What could be more shocking than listening to a child being killed as the abortionist coldly describes the process? How about hearing the audience applaud when the suction machine ends the baby's life.

In addition, you will hear numerous other clips from this National Abortion Federation conference where abortion supporters admit and even laugh about many of the lies that they tell. Now pro-life organizations have a tool that shows the reality of abortion and this time no one can claim that the pro-life movement is exaggerating. After all, these are their own words.

    Track 2:

Dr. Alan Keyes
Independence Day Speech

One thing isn't debatable in the abortion battle. Alan Keyes is the most articulate defender of the right to life in America and this speech will light a fire in the heart of all who respect this nation's founding principles.

Dr. Keyes destroys the pro-choice position with pro-life arguments rooted in America's heritage of respect for God as our creator and the source of our rights.

Dr. Alan Keyes explains why being pro-life is the American thing to do. Dr. Keyes sounds a warning to our country that all Americans need to hear and you won't want to miss a moment!

FIRE & ICE is the pro-life tool that you've been waiting for!

Because of the overwhelming response to "Fire & Ice" from the pro-life community, Life Dynamics is now offering a copy of this amazing recording on audio CD for a donation of any size to help support our ongoing pro-life efforts.

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