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<i>Patient Rights Form</i> - How safe is abortion?
New, revised form. Includes, important information about RU-486.

This is a form to be given to a woman who cannot be convinced that abortion is not the right choice for her. It warns her not to let anyone perform an abortion on her unless they complete this document and provide the doctor's name, malpractice insurance information, malpractice history and licensure status.

Since abortionists are the washouts of the medical profession, the reality is that not one single abortionist in the country will sign this form -- and that plants a seed of doubt in the woman's mind about the danger she could be putting herself in.

Crisis pregnancy centers across America have used this form with astounding success. We consistently hear that this may be the most effective way to "turn around" the most determined abortion-minded clients. And they are dirt-cheap! We guarantee you that babies and moms can be saved for pennies using the Patient Rights Form.

$35.00 per hundred -- includes shipping


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