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<i>Abortion DVD</i> - Animated abortion procedure
Newly Updated - This is an excellent tool for crisis pregnancy centers, counseling and youth education. This medical education abortion video uses state of the art 3-D computer generated animation to depict the two most common surgical abortion procedures – the suction curettage abortion method and the dilation and evacuation, or D&E, abortion method.

The partial birth abortion or D&X (dilation and extraction) is not included in this DVD. For information on the partial birth abortion procedure, and all other surgical abortion methods, visit our American Death Camps page.

Though this video is medically accurate, it was designed so that it would not be too gruesome for the average person to watch. This DVD was created with the guidance of experienced Ob/Gyns and cross-referenced with several abortion textbooks, and the animation is followed by a discussion about the most common types of abortion injuries.

Available on DVD only.

$9.95 each

Buy in groups of 25 for $1.50 each


To order by phone, call 1(800) 800-LIFE
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