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Abortion Malpractice Services
Life Dynamics has developed a complete marketing program designed to help attorneys reach abortion-injured clients. Among the ad products associated with this campaign are a 30-second television commercial, radio commercials, print ads, billboards, firm brochures, and business cards. Life Dynamics can design other materials or customize the ones we already have to meet an attorney’s specific needs.

A group of attorneys may decide to form a firm, share advertising and phone costs. We are well situated to assist in connecting attorneys with this interest. Having Life Dynamics review the facts of the case may be useful to law firms or individual attorneys who want an evaluation of the facts to assist them in their decision to accept a case.

Other Services:
  • Expert Witnesses/Consultants
  • Research and Information
  • CaseNotes: a Client Interview Guide
  • Depositions and Interrogatories
  • Abortion Animation
  • Client Education
  • Case Management
  • Co-counsel Network
  • Client Brochures