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Abortion Malpractice Services
Another exciting service Life Dynamics provided is a 3-D animation for use as demonstrative evidence. This product uses cutting-edge technology to aid expert witnesses in explaining to the jury the procedure used on the client and how the injury occurred. The animation was prepared according to the medical explanations contained in Williams Obstetrics, 19th edition, as well as that given by Dr. Warren Hem in his book Abortion Practice. The script was then cross-checked with over 50 medical journal explanations of proper abortion procedures and typical injuries. Then, each step was overseen and approved by a board certified Ob/Gyn. All animated sequences have been prepared with extreme sensitivity to the jury audience, and although the material is medically correct and extremely detailed, it is not at all aesthetically unpleasant.

Other Services:
  • Expert Witnesses/Consultants
  • Research and Information
  • CaseNotes: a Client Interview Guide
  • Depositions and Interrogatories
  • Client Education
  • Case Management
  • Co-counsel Network
  • Comprehensive Advertising Materials
  • Client Brochures