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Decriminalizing abortion did not erase the stigma associated with being an abortionist and abortion advocates openly admit that the stigma associated with being an abortionist is their biggest problem in recruiting abortionists. Being an abortionist is a miserable life. The medical profession has never accepted abortion as a respectable part of mainstream medicine and even those people who call themselves pro-choice still see abortionists as the scum of the earth.

Our pro-life Direct Mail Program (DMP) reinforces the stigma attached to abortion, while educating medical students and practicing physicians about the realities of life as an abortionist. Depending on the specific goal, mail is sent to the general public, physician's offices, and students or professors at medical schools and hospitals. The abortion industry is extremely frustrated about the DMP because (a) they know it works, and (b) they can't design a strategy to counter it.

Here are just two examples of our DMP products:
A Simple Question       Medical Malpractice Warning

Also, as a service to the prolife movement, we produce many DMP products for other prolife groups without charge. We help pro-life groups generate mailing lists and we even custom design pieces for specialized needs, such as targeting a particular abortionist or demographic group. We also produce materials for abortion clinic employees, such as one that shows them how to report an abortion clinic's tax evasion to the IRS and collect a reward, if a complaint they file leads to a recovery. Feel free to call Life Dynamics, at (940) 380-8800, for more information about our pro-life DMP or to discuss a prolife direct mail campaign strategy that can make a pro-life difference in your local community.

There is nothing that the abortion industry can do that will convince the medical community that abortionists are anything other than society's washouts and losers, because that is what they are. However, many on the pro-life side don't even realize how medically inept abortionists tend to be. Reading Lime 5 will open your eyes to the danger abortion presents to women and just how often women suffer sexual assaults, permanent injuries, and even death at the hands of abortionists.

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