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Parental consent laws, anti-abortion mail and lawsuits against abortion clinic doctors
In the fight against abortion our pro-organization provides two main areas of service, our abortion law Abortion Malpractice (ABMAL) program that helps abortion injury victims win lawsuits against abortion clinics and our Direct Mail Program (DMP).

The Life Dynamics ABMAL program provides attorneys with the litigation support services they need to be successful in abortion injury medical malpractice cases brought against abortion clinics and abortionists. As a pro-life organization, we provide our support services for abortion lawsuit free of charge to attorney and client. Our ABMAL abortion law program works as a prolife tool because abortion injury is a frequent but little known abortion risk. Comments from the abortion industry reveal that nothing terrifies them more than the threat of abortion lawsuits. Click here for information on our Abortion Malpractice Services.

Our DMP was developed to educate doctors and medical students about the nature and depth of the stigma that attaches to those who become abortionists. We also help other pro-life groups produce DMP products to impact their local abortion industry or a particular abortionist and we provide this artwork at no cost to pro-life organizations. If your pro-life group would like participate, then click here to learn more about our Direct Mail Program.

Besides our research on abortion risk, abortion injury lawsuits and our DMP, Life Dynamics also provides other services to pro-lifers across America. We assist other pro-life groups in making the most effective use of the resources they have available and we help formulate prolife strategies and produce pro-life tools that can get results. Call (940) 380-8800 to inquire about any of the pro-life resources or prolife services that Life Dynamics offers or simply to discuss how we might be able to help your prolife group to be more effective at fighting the pro-life battle against abortion clinics in your own community.

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