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Our shopping cart feature allows you to order all of our prolife materials online. Request free items, order samples of prolife products and make purchases online using your Visa or MasterCard. If you prefer to place your credit card order by phone, call 1(800) 800-LIFE. To pay by personal check, mail your order to: Life Dynamics, 204 Cardinal Drive, Denton, Texas 76209-6412. Click here for shipping charges.

Check out our selection of prolife books, prolife videos and other prolife materials. These items are designed to keep prolife activists and right to life groups informed, to educate the public on prolife issues, to encourage women to choose life, to give women the facts on abortion injuries, and more.

Pro Life Video & Audio
  • American Abortion Clinic DVD
  • The Clinic Worker Kit
  • Maafa 21 Action Cards (100 Cards)
  • Free prolife DVD - LifeTalk
  • LifeTalk, Pro-life TV on DVD - Subscription
  • Fire & Ice, Partial birth abortion + Alan Keyes
  • Christi's Choice - How safe is abortion?
  • Abortion DVD - Animated abortion procedure
  • Maafa 21 DVD
    Pro-life Books
  • Pro-Life Answers
  • Lime 5 - Get the facts on abortion clinics
  • Child Predators - Planned Parenthood report
    Other prolife & abortion information
  • Safe and Legal Brochures
  • Tonya Reaves Brochure
  • Pro-Life Action Cards - Facts about abortion
  • Patient Rights Form - How safe is abortion?
  • Pro-Choice Flyer – Pro-life abortion picture
  • Lynching / Klan Parenthood Brochure
  • Jesus Loves Children - Christian pro-life tract
  • Pro-life Bumper Stickers - Pro-life quotes
  • Protect the Unborn Pro-Life Pin
    Prolife information cards, prolife facts
    Abortion clinic research, prolife view   Women killed by legal abortion
      Risk of abortion injury


    In the abortion pro-life battle pro-life organizations have the edge, because the truth works to the advantage of right to life groups. So we feature a line up of pro-life videos, pro-life books, pro-life T-shirts and pro-life bumper stickers that give activists and pro-life groups tools for communicating truth in the abortion pro-life fight.

    As a leading anti abortion pro-life organization, LDI strives to produce informative pro-life books, compelling pro-life videos and creative pro-life bumper stickers & pro-life T-shirts. Our latest product, a partial birth abortion procedure (a.k.a. late term abortion) CD, is just one example of the fruit of our covert anti abortion pro-life research and it's being used by other right to life groups to help shine the light of truth on the abortion pro-life debate.

    Pro-life groups as well as individuals can get a free sample on many of these items. Please click on some of the pro-life videos, pro-life books, pro-life T-shirts or other items listed above so you can see the quality of products produced by this pro-life organization.